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There’s you, there’s them, there’s us ... let’s talk about “about”. (Uh, oh ... I’m starting to hear a tune ... hurry up and start reading before I break into song.)

About You

Chances are you're much like us ... you appreciate the fine balance of design and functionality when it comes to websites. You also are likely a photographer, designer, illustrator or small business owner. We're probably not going out on a limb to say that you'd like to talk to a real person when you call. We're all about that. We want to learn what we can do to best serve your web hosting and development needs.

About Our Customers

It goes without saying ... but we like to say it anyway ... that our customers are great. Each customer is unique in what they do, how they approach their craft and what they look for from us. One thing's for sure, our customers are loyal. Oh, they're usually quite creative as well.
See our customers.

About Us

Dogbark started in 1999 as the brainchild of a "creative" and a "tech". The blend proves to be beneficial to our customers who are sometimes more creative then technical and vise versa. Even with technical subject matter we like to use creative ways of communicating. We're based in historic Franklin, Tennessee right on Main Street, amidst antique stores and cupcake shops. Beyond that, you may be curiously wondering "who is dogbark.com?" Get to know us on a first name basis.

Harry Frankenfeld

Harry (Since 2000)

Known to many as the king of trivia, Harry has been with DogBark.com since Fall of 2000. He's nice. He's well groomed. He's married. He's my hero ... but I digress.

Adam Silverman

Adam (Since 2005)

Did you know that Adam is a professional drummer. He's also a professional DogBark.com'er. It's pretty amazing how much he has learned .. and us from him.

Steve Price

Steve (Since 2001)

Let's just say that Steve is our MVP. He's the guy that has an entire wardrobe of capes in his closet. Without him we'd just be a silly name with a neat logo.

Impressed? Don't be. We're just regular people, just like you. While we do have some impressive abilities there's no reason to worship us or send out the paparazzi. We will, however, accept chocolate cake.

Our Policies

No surprises here. Pretty straight forward but worth a couple of minutes to just familiarize yourself with our general Acceptable Usage Policy. Read Policies