Mac Hosting

We are, and you are likely a Mac user - a creative and entrepreneurial professional looking for someone to talk to about getting dependable Mac-friendly website hosting & email service. Nice to meet you.

Mac Compatible Web & Email Hosting ...

  • Use Transmit or Fetch to transfer files from your Mac OS X computer to our FTP servers
  • Design your webpage in DreamWeaver and host it at DogBark
  • Upload your Adobe Lightroom galleries to your webpage hosted at DogBark
  • Use Mac Mail to check your email accounts using POP or IMAP
  • Sync your email accounts with your iPad or iPhone using IMAP
  • Use the Safari or Firefox browsers to access your email via WebMail
  • Run the latest PHP5 & Perl applications
  • Start your own WordPress blog
  • MySQL 5 is available
  • Powered by Apache with mod_rewrite

... ease of mind — free with every plan.
... real people — with unreal patience.
... reliable services — designed to outlast a Twinkie.
... a sympathetic ear — because we've been there, done that.

Web Hosting

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